Deliver 8~10 Dec. (Pre-order) SUPERPIECE 331 Tote Bag

$256.50 $285

A reliable tote bag that can carry large and small items as much as you want.
A special design is added to the soothing colours to give a comfortable and special impression to any look.

A handle that can be detached and adjusted in length is provided for convenience, and there is a button to open and close the entrance, so you can safely store things. It consists of the most pieces among the reward products, so it can be assembled in a variety of ways. It is coded 331 because of the number of pieces that made up the length (3 pieces), height (3 piece) and width (1 piece) of the bag.

  • Size: W30*H30*D10 cm
  • Weight: 372g
  • Handle length: 16~205 cm

Order and delivery

  • Pre-order period: 24 to 29 Nov
  • Delivery: 8 to 10 Dec

As this is a pre-order product, order will be placed and confirmed after the cut-off date for pre-order, we regret that there is NO Return or Refund after order placement.



The bag of Super Piece consists of several pieces. Assemble these pieces to create new bags and objects of various shapes.

Speciality of Super Piece!
A special design that you cannot find anywhere else

  • Small yesterday, big today: Self-customisable to any shape you desire
  • Tick to Tick to Tick: Easy and quick assembly in the form of buttons.
  • Light as a feather: Even the largest bags weigh no more than 400g
  • Extremely tough: Made from vegan leather, stronger than conventional non woven fabrics

Make it your way

  • You can assemble the size and design of the bag to suit the mood and plans of the day.
  • Each piece is connected in the form of a button, so anyone can assemble it quickly and easily.

Do not worry

  • Superpiece bags are made from vegan leather, which is made much stronger than conventional non-woven fabrics.
  • Because the weight of the bag is evenly distributed among each piece, the weight-bearing power is surprisingly strong.
  • The bags have undergone several years of safe testing, several modifications have been made along the way, with life tests.
  • There is also no need to worry about gaps in the bag. Each bag comes with a basic felt lining included. The lining is provided in a size that matches the model you purchased.
  • All bags are wide enough to accommodate heavy and large items depending on their size, including the minimum necessary essentials. Among the models, the normal size ‘321 Cross Bag’ is compact enough to fit a 12.9-inch pad and boasts ample storage space.

Keep it precious!

  • We will send your bags together with a dust bag for easy storage. You can safely store the leftover pieces of your bag when not in use or from making it.
  • When the leather is contaminated, wipe it gently with a dry towel, and when using a leather cleaner, avoid using an acetone-based cleaner. For long-term storage, avoid direct sunlight and store in a dust bag.

For all pre-order items and fresh produce like fruits and fresh mushrooms, we regret that there is no refund, cancellation or return once orders are placed to our supplier on Mondays when pre-order closed. If you do insist on a cancellation, then a surcharge of 70% of the order value will be imposed.

For SoGood Thursday Pre-Orders, please reach out to us immediately should you change your mind. Please contact us, call or email ASAP by 6pm on Monday of the week of delivery, as we will send in the order to import your items then.

If there is any dissatisfaction with your purchase, please contact us, and we will work with you to make it right.

Other terms and conditions for shipping and delivery charges apply.

Note: Images shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary.
We may replace an item from other prefectures in the event of bad weather condition or out-of-stock situation.

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