Deliver 21 June. (Pre-Order) Korean Sangju Dried Persimmon Gift Set 곶감선물세트

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    From the Sangju region where the environment is perfect for cultivating fruits, the best persimmons are picked for the production of dried persimmons (Gojgam). Natural dried persimmons for 60 days, they have thin outer skin and jelly-like interior. The surface is dotted with white flecks of sugar from the fruit as it dries.

    Each piece is about 55g (exclusive quality) when packed. The persimmons have no added sugar and are 100% pesticide-free. They can be eaten straight from the package.

    Persimmons made with the method of natural peeling and drying processes for 60 days turn out chewy like soft jelly, with an excellent texture to eat just as it is, and is also suitable for cooking because it has low moisture.

    This product is packed individually and conveniently - busy office workers and students can consume one bag at a time. This is also easy to carry and munch on during outdoor activities such as hiking.


    Please keep it frozen below -18C as soon as you receive it.

    (The product may decompose when stored at room temperature and refrigerated.)

    Expiration Date:

    Please eat it within one year from the packing date.

    For all pre-order items and fresh produce like fruits and fresh mushrooms, we regret that there is no refund, cancellation, or return once orders are placed to our supplier on Mondays when pre-order closed. 

    When you place a pre-order, we will create a special reservation with the manufacturer or supplier for you. Because of this, it is currently not possible for us to cancel a pre-order. If you do insist on a cancellation, then a surcharge of 70% of the order value will be imposed.

    For SoGood Thursday Pre-Orders, please reach out to us immediately should you change your mind. Please contact us, call or email ASAP by 6pm on Monday of the week of delivery, as we will send in the order to import your items then.

    For Frozen Items, in any case of receiving a wrong item, as long as the product is NOT consumed, left untouched (Thawed,Frozen), We will determine whether the item has meet our requirements and eligible for an exchange, or a refund. Any wrong item received that has a difference in price will be partially refunded depending on the situation.

    If there is any dissatisfaction with your purchase, please contact us, and we will work with you to make it right.

    Other terms and conditions for shipping and delivery charges apply.

    Note: Images shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary.
    We may replace an item from other prefectures in the event of bad weather condition or out-of-stock situation.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    The persimmons were delivered timely and my family liked a lot.

    SoGoodK also made special arrangements for replacement of an item which I've ordered but was not good enough for delivery. Appreciate their efforts for quality checks and also for the replacements.

    Quality products

    This is my 3rd order. The persimmons are really sweet and nice. I cannot stop eating them. Thank you for the free gift!

    sunshine lim
    Amazingly good quality & packaging was just so professional

    Many of my Singaporean friends love half-dried persimmons.
    There have been some in Singapore but this is the BEST. As a Korean, I can guarantee this is one of the top qualities. Packaging was also perfectly done. My friends found the cooling bag was quite good to use for grocery shopping.

    Sherry Lee
    Lovely packaging

    Item was well packed , really pretty as a gift.

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