Deliver 2, 3, 4 Dec. (Pre-Order) Korean Soy Sauce Marinated Crabs 2pcs 일미 간장게장 암꽃게 大 2마리 (Ganjang Gejang) ILMI Restaurant 6차 리오더 - 1.2kg

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Ganjang Gejang (간장게장) or marinated soy sauce crabs is a delicacy in Korea. This traditional and popular dish is made by marinating fresh raw crabs in a brine made with soy-sauce.

SoGoodK has specially curated the popular Ganjang Gejang from Ilmi Ganjang Gejang Restaurant 서울 장안동 일미간장게장 in Seoul, Jang-an-dong, with 45 years of history making the soy sauce marinated crabs. This restaurant is very popular among the Korean local, TV and film celebrities, even for foreigners who visited Korea will try out this dish.

1 box comes with 2 crabs in soy sauce.

How to prepare and consume Ganjang Gejang (Download instructions here)

  • Keep chilled in the fridge and consume within one day. If not, freeze the crabs.
  • Thaw on the day before eating or a day before in the refrigerator. After thawing, please consume as soon as possible.
  • Cut the crab into bite size pieces with a knife or scissors and arrange on a plate.
  • To eat, simply squeeze the meat out.
  • Place eggs and innards of soy sauce marinated crab on top of warm rice, and top with seaweed flakes, gamtae, chopped green onions and egg yolk. Or add sesame oil, sesame seeds, and laver seaweed for a flavourful combination.

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Customer Reviews

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ilmi soy sauce marinated crab

The best rice thief in the world!!!
I love you💘

Joy Lim

Best Ganjang Gejang ever. Thank you SO GOOD K ;)

Daryl Tan
Wonderful crabs

Tasty crabs from Korea, whole family loved them. The marinade is also very good to use in other dishes.

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