Premium SIN-A Kimchi Trio


All 100% Korean produce, SoGoodK has curated the best kimchi made from the best spices and ingredients sourced all over Korea. Try it and you won't regret.

Freshly air flown from Korea,

Kimchi Trio includes:

✓ 1x Fresh Cabbage Kimchi (Mat Kimchi)
✓ 1x Pa Kimchi (Green Onion Kimchi)
✓ 1x Sesame(Perilla) Leaf Kimchi


  • 배추겉절이(맛김치) Fresh Cabbage Kimchi (Mat Kimchi) - 430g
A juicy crunch and fresh taste of cabbages, the stem were removed and use outer leaves of a cabbage to make this kind of Kimchi. Cabbages are salted for a short time.

Ingredients: Cabbage 80%, red pepper powder, garlic, radish, salted anchovy, shrimp paste, ginger, onion, glutinous rice porridge, broth (kelp, anchovy, shrimp).

  • 파김치 Pa Kimchi (Green Onion Kimchi) - 430g

Soft green onions was used to make Pa Kimchi. It has its own spicy flavour, yet, it is quite addictive because of its unique taste. The more it is matured, the deeper its taste becomes because of anchovy or shrimp paste that are used along with glutinous rice porridge. It has become well-known since it was on a TV broadcast that introduced a delicious dish.

Ingredients: Green Onion 80%, red pepper powder, garlic, radish, salted anchovy, shrimp paste, ginger, onion, glutinous rice porridge, broth (kelp, anchovy, shrimp).

  • 깻잎김치 Sesame (Perilla) Leaf Kimchi - 430g

We purchase domestic Perilla leaves and spread spices boiled in broth on each leaf. It is a great complement to meat such as Samgyeopsal and boiled pork because its pleasant yet strong flavour and aroma can mask gamy smell and taste. Customers can enjoy its taste even more if they wait until it gets more fermented. We have many Japanese customers who love this product.

Ingredients: Sesame(Perilla) Leaf 63%, red pepper powder, garlic, radish, salted anchovy, shrimp paste, ginger, onion, glutinous rice porridge, broth (kelp, anchovy, shrimp)

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We may replace an item from other prefectures in the event of bad weather condition or out-of-stock situation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Clifton Lim
Delicious Kimchi

Crisp, spicy and perfect kimchi. I will be back for more!

Deborah Ee
Premium Sin-A Kimchi Trio

The kimchi trio is truly yummy. Will order again. The delivery service was timely n delivered in a nice bag.

Sarah Ching
So yummy !

The kimchi is so delicious ! I love the packaging, it does not make my fridge smells sour or like kimchi. The kimchi fragrance is consealed in the tub. Very delicious and flavorful kimchi, so crunchy!

Best kimchi!

The best kimchi we’ve ever tasted. So good that we repeat our order immediately!! And even recommended them to our friends! Thank you for bringing them in from Korea!

The Hedgehog Knows
Made kimchi fried rice with this!

Made kimchi fried rice with this! Love that it's genuinely from Korea. Can enjoy on its own as well. Spring onion and sesame leaf flavours are unique!

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