Pure Plan Yuja (500ml)

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PurePlan strives to contain the original taste and nutrients of nature-friendly ingredients good for purifying the body. PurePlan pursues to use environment-friendly ingredients and adheres to traditional method. PurePlan does not use artificial additives harmful for the body which are synthesis flavouring agents, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, and so on at all.

Traditional manufacturing methods use long-term agitation and ageing for natural extraction of active ingredients. In the case of Yuja, most of the citron skin, which mainly contains antioxidants, is boiled in the traditional way, drunk with tea, and almost discarded.

PurePlan can extract the active ingredients of raw materials through the unique low-temperature extraction method, and have the effect of drinking the whole fruit even while maintaining the taste and aroma.

PurePlan strives to preserve the natural flavours of nature without artificial additives to preserve the taste and aroma of raw materials as much as possible and to absorb the active ingredients as they are.

Only use pesticide-free Yuja juice produced in Goheung, the finest citron producing area in Korea. Low-temperature extraction of pesticide-free whole Yuja with peel to preserve active ingredient.

Low-temperature fermentation with honey(15%) to maximize nutrient retention
Liquid fructose, synthetic flavouring, artificial sweetener, concentrate, preservative ZERO! 

How to enjoy?

  • Clean Yuja Water > Yuja 30 ml + Cold Water 450 ml + Ice
  • Clean Yuja Hot Tea > Yuja 30 ml + Warm Water 250 ml
  • Clean Yuja Liquor > Mojito or Cocktail mixed with Soju, Beer, Rum 
  • Beer Mix : Clean Yuja 50 ml + Beer 330 ml 
  • Soju Mix : Clean Yuja 10 ml + Soju 50 ml Clean Yuja Dressing > Clean Yuja and a bit of sugar + Olive oil 
  • Clean Yuja Ade > Clean Yuja 30 ml + Sparkling water 450 ml + Ice

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