Organic Bohyang Gold Green and Black Tea


Bohyang Gold Tea, the world's first tea leaves containing gold, cultivated with careful and thorough care and attention by Bohyang Tea Co. Ltd.

Yeong-gi Choi, CEO of Bohyang Tea Co. Ltd. and a fourth-generation business leader, was selected as “No. 297 Farmer with New Knowledge” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Bohyang Tea Plantation was the first tea maker in the world to successfully infuse gold minerals into tea using colloidal gold in 2009. In the global market, the Gold Tea has become an iconic product representing the Bohyang Tea plantation.

Bohyang and its Gold Tea were featured in a slew of influential domestic and international media outlets. On May 12, 2015, the President's Prize was awarded to the Bohyang Tea plantation for its contribution to the nation's agricultural revenue and industrial development.
Bohyang Tea Plantation will always accept recognition humbly as motivation to cultivate better tea.

CEO Choi discovered the health benefits of gold after researching the Japanese craze of incorporating the precious metal into food and drinks. According to research, consuming gold in traditional powder or lump forms was not the best way to maximise the benefits of gold. Watering the tea plant's roots with golden colloid solution resulted in electrolysed gold dissolved in water, creating the first gold tea leaves.

Gold Green Tea

Gold Green Tea is made by repeated process of roasting, cooling and rolling freshly harvested gold tea leaves, immediately after harvest, to prevent oxidation.

Gold Black Tea

Gold Black Tea, a type of fermented tea, is made by drying and fermenting the gold tea leaves, after which selected leaves are roasted.

For quality control, consistency and customer convenience, each package contains 8 grams of tea.
We wish our customers a pleasant tea time, whether in quiet solitude or in the company of loved ones.

    How to enjoy Gold Tea:

    Simplest way:

    2g of Tea Leaves, 200ml of boiling water and wait for 2 min.

    How To Savour:

    2g of Tea leaves, 150ml of water (Serves 3)

    For 1st Fill: Wait for 1 min

    2nd Refill: 30 sec

    3rd Refill: 2 min

    Green Tea: Cool in boiling water once and brew at 80-90℃

    Black Tea: Brew in boiling water

    How to store:

    • Store far away from anything with a strong odour
    • Store in a dark cabinet or completely opaque container
    • Keep separately from other strongly scented teas
    • Avoid humid areas for storage

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