How Rice To Meet You

Rice refers to a variety of grain species. The most well-known and widely grown rice is Asian rice (Oryza sativa), which has two major subspecies (indica and japonica) and over 40,000 varieties. This list also includes African rice (Oryza glaberrima) and wild rice varieties (genus Zizania). 

Rice genetics, grain length, colour, thickness, stickiness, aroma, growing method, and other properties can vary, leading to a massive range of cultivars. For example, over nine major varieties of rice exist just for making sake. The two Asian rice subspecies, indica and japonica, can be identified by length and stickiness. Indica rice is long grain variety that are is not sticky, whereas japonica rice has short grains that are glutinous.

Rice is a commonly eaten grain but in Korean cuisine, it is an absolute everyday staple.  It is also gluten-free and can be enjoyed without limiting gluten restrictions. They are also featured as the main ingredients in many recipes.

SoGoodK Golden Queen No. 3 rice

This is the most delicious white rice we've ever had.

Yes, we were initially skeptical. I mean, isn't white rice just that? How could it get any better? We had completely changed our minds after just one bowl. In fact, this is the only rice we buy these days.

So, what makes it unique? Let's begin with a visual. When cooked, each rice grain will have a beautiful polished sheen. It appears to be really tasty.

The second - and my favourite - aspect of this rice is its distinct scent. It has a light popcorn aroma! This scent is what makes the rice so delicious.
Sushi lovers will love this. Serve with banchan. And combine it all to produce an excellent Bibimbap.

Furthermore, no chemical fertilisers are used in the cultivation of this Golden Queen No. 3 rice.

Try it today, arguably Korea's highest-quality rice, this is it!