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Mushrooms are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and colours. The ones that aren't harmful are also nutritious and delightful. They've been utilized for many years in a variety of nations' dishes because of their unique ability to provide taste. Mushrooms are classified as vegetables in cookery, although they are fungi. Mushrooms allow you to add flavour without adding sodium.

Benefits of eating mushrooms

They're cholesterol-free, fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, and sodium-free. In addition, they're high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. The nutrient content of mushrooms varies depending on the variety.

Mushrooms are high in selenium, an antioxidant. They are, in fact, the finest source of the mineral in the produce section. Mushrooms are also high in beta glucan, B vitamins, copper and potassium. All essential minerals that are required by the body to function.

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  • Pyogo Beoseot (Shiitake mushroom)

These mushrooms contain a lot of protein. They taste and smell good, so they are delicious even if you just serve them lightly cooked. The scent of shiitake mushrooms spreads as you eat them, enhancing the richness of your dish.

  • Beoseot (Enoki mushroom)

These long-stemmed mushrooms boast both a soft and chewy texture. They are both tasty and nutritious. The more you chew on them, the more subtle the taste of mushrooms will be released. They can be used in a variety of dishes such as hot pots, stir-fries, and Korean pancakes.

  • Saesongyi Beoseot (King oyster mushroom)

These broad-stemmed mushrooms have a firm and elastic texture that makes them a nice bite. They have a longer shelf life than most other mushrooms because of their low moisture content. They store well in the refrigerator. You can also maximize the flavour of the mushrooms by grilling them with your favourite meats until they turn golden brown. Trim off the base of the cluster to enjoy the best flavour.

  • Man-ga-dak Beoseot (Shimeji mushroom)
These are also known as the “million mushroom” because these small mushrooms grow in bundles. There are two varieties of shimeji mushrooms — white and brown. They are a well-rounded ingredient that can be used in various dishes such as hot pots, grilled food, and stir-fried food. Shimeji are rich in nutrition and are light in texture. They can easily be enjoyed by all.


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