The goodness of green figs

Figs (or Ficus as this group of trees are known in Latin to botanists) are often touted as "keystone species", which means that these trees play a disproportionately large role in the lives of many creatures in an ecosystem. One key reason for this significance is that fig trees provide food for a great number of other animals in the forest.

In Korea there is a species of green figs that is highly sought after. Green fig is a banana species that is resistant to pests as its eyes are not open and it has little damage from pirate bugs accordingly.

Due to a thinner epidermis and smaller size than red figs however, Green fig requires careful care in growing, therefore not so many places to grow it within Korea.

Banana has a high sugar content (around 20 brix), so it is called honey green figs. And it has more essential amino acids and dietary fiber than red figs and is known to be excellent for 3-anti and 3-narrow. (3-Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant / 3-narrow-digestion, constipation, cardiovascular disease).

Green Figs of Korea

Fresh or dried, the figs are delicious as they are. Iced green figs even tasted like ice cream! The figs can be processed and made into many products such as green figs jams, vinegar, powder, dried figs as snacks, juice and energy bars.

Muhwadam Agricultural Cooperation, a company the SoGoodK represents to sell their products, specializes in cultivating green figs in the clear and clean nature of Ilseongsan Mountain in Haenam.


What is special about Muhwadam Green Figs?

  • The green fig of Muhwadam is smaller than the red fig, but the texture is sticky, has a higher sugar content and goes longer in the sweet taste.
  • Healthy and delicious green figs grown in Haenam with the sea breeze, full of nutrients on the skin! Even the skin to be edible and delicious owing to pesticide-free cultivation.

SoGoodK is a seller of the Muhwadam Green Figs jam and Balsamic vinegar.

Fig jam and balsamic vinegar


For jams, after selecting only green figs with excellent sugar content, it is concentrated at low temperature without any additives such as preservatives or pigments to evenly contain taste and nutrition. 60% of high sugar content green figs, Contains 40% organic sugar. Seeds are chewy and clear and transparent.

Balsamic vinegar can be dilute it with water and use it as a health drink and various dishes. Natural fermented vinegar and balsamic vinegar without chemical additives

Figs and vinegar in salad