Summer love - Korean Plum Syrup (Maesil Cheong)

Korean Green Plums, Maseil

Korean Maesil Cheong is a fermented syrup made from Green Plums and sugar. It adds great flavour to marinades, salads and just about any Korean dish that needs sweetness. Fresh green plums are available only for a short time in June, so don't miss it!

plum syrup in the making

The size of green plums is similar to the size of cherries. They are very tart but carry an abundant amount of nutrition, full of fibre and vitamins. You don't want to eat them raw since they are too acidic and fibrous. But fermenting them in sugar will extract all the greatness from this fantastic fruit.

Many Koreans make a cold drink with green plum syrup. The maesil drink (maesil-cha, 매실차)can relieve fatigue and help digestion after a huge meal. Maesil Cheong is used in many cuisines and preparation, like marinate meats and the replacement of sugar. Try this syrup in the Korean beef (Bulgogi) recipe or your kimchi stew. It can also replace sugar in many side dishes or salad recipes.

See how to make maesil cheong

When do plums start to become popular in Korea?

The oldest record of using plums is in Chinese traditional medicine practice. Chinese smoked the plums on top of a fire and used them to relieve pain and take care of intestinal problems. Japanese used Ume Boshi to prevent the rice from going stale in the summer.

A large amount of citric acid in the plums help the body get rid of lactic acid, helping the body recover faster. The sour plums help with the secretion of saliva and digestive enzymes. The plum syrup kills off harmful bacteria to help with diarrhoea and promote regular bowel function.

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